What have we been watching?

Tomb Raider

There are two reasons to watch this movie and they are both on Angelina Jolie. Although "slightly" enhanced, they have a tendency to "force" the viewers eyes in their direction, which is really a very good thing, hence to lessen the risk of actually noticing that there is very little coherent script is defused in a very stimulating way. To be honest, I enjoyed it, I had to decouple my secondary brain and watch it with the primary, but there were some fun parts and most of all it was extremely fun to have a female action hero who actually looked like the part. Tomb Raider and Lara Croft are very much dependent on the actress playing the parts and in this case I can not imagine anyone better than Angelina Jolie's. -ZombieBoy

Opdateret d. 2.12.2001